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  1. Obedience to the Almighty Allah and following the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  2. All the students must obey the school rules and regulations
  3. No student should go outside the school premises
  4. Stealing, bullying and fighting are prohibited
  5. No student should be in a possession of mobile phone (GSM)
  6. The use of mobile phone is prohibited
  7. Usage of electric heater, electric stove or any related electrical appliance is not allowed
  8. Female hostel is completely out of bound for the male students
  9. Male hostel is completely out of bound for the female students
  10. Male / Female association / assembly is prohibited
  11. Students are expected to go bed by 10:00pm and wake up early in preparation for subhi prayer by 4:30am
  12. Attending morning Quran recitation is compulsory on all the students
  13. Attending evening lessons (4 -6:00pm) is compulsory on every students
  14. Boarding students are not allowed to welcome the day students into the hostel
  15. No student should be in possession of drug(s) or any substance that could lead to intoxication without the knowledge of the school authority
  16. Harsh and threatening words, cheating, lying and dishonest attitude should be avoided by all students.
  17. House wears are automatically prohibited in the hostel. Any of such wears discovered shall be seized and destroy.
  18. Any student in possession of clipper for any reason whatsoever should report to the school authority
  19. Every student must attend the five compulsory daily prayer in the mosque
  20. The use of sharp object or any other related object is prohibited
  21. The use of contrabands such as perfumes, pepper, maggi, oil or any other related substance is prohibited
  22. No student by any means whatsoever should write on the school wall
  23. Students are expected to take care and maintain the school property (in the hostel)
  24. Destruction of the school (hostel) property is subject to replacemen

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