Al-Hikma International Academy, Mararaba
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Certified Teachers

We have moral and qualified teachers certified by Teacher Registration Council of Nigeria.

Computer Education

Student starts learning computer at early age from play group to Senior Classes .

Book & Library

Our Standard library is equppied with books on different research areas.


A well equipped Science Laboratories available for science practical.

Welcome to Al-Hikma International Academy, Mararaba



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What We Offer


Our school is a registered center for both WAEC and NECO examinations. We also registered students for Junior NECO examination. Our results in all the exams has been very impresive.

Regular Classes

Our Classes run between 8:00am - 2:00pm at a regular interval of 40 minutes per subject .

Certified Teachers

All our teachers have education background and all are certified by Teacher registration council.

Sufficient Classrooms

We have a sufficient and spaciuos classrooms for our pupils and students

Creative Lessons

Lessons are arranged in an organised manner for easy asseminations by the students .

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities are available for extra curriculum activities .

Our Facilities

Digital Computer Lab

Science Lab

School Buses

Spacious Classroom

Our Sections

Pre-Nursery & Nursery Section

In the nursery section we provide a standard nursery facility to carter for the need of the parents who are mostly middle working class. We try to make the section stand out by using instructional materials suitable for preparing the child to fit in with the goal we set for ourselves, i.e. provision of science education, this is with the view of making it easier for them when they come to enroll in the primary, and eventually the secondary school section in the future.

Basic Primary Section

This section is operated with the same objective as in the Nursery section; i.e preparing the child to having orientation towards the study of science and humanities in the future. The target market is still the same but in addition, we accept pupils from other schools after successful assessment test. Government prescribed curricular form the basis curriculum we use and we instill good moral behaviors in our students

Junior secondary Section

After a successful completion of the basic primary section, and having passed the prescribed examination pupils are then ushered into the Junior Secondary section. We also accept and enroll students from other schools who may find our services worthwhile. However, to ensure quality, we conduct assessment test for students coming from other schools which will determine whether we accept or reject them.

Senior Secondary Section

This is an extension of the Junior Secondary with provision for students from other schools to join after a successful entrance examination. Currently the school is registered with WAEC and NECO as centre for exams. Same fees are charged with the junior section.